NISHAN recognizes that organizations are moving at a fast pace and with that comes new business opportunities and challenges. For organizations to stay competitive, developers must have a platform that supports leading technologies, can easily extend existing assets, and will enable flexibility, growth and integration in the future. NISHAN has many years of rapid application development and deployment (RADD) experience for collaborative and business applications. NISHAN provides leading tools and proven strategies based on deep experience, which can help accelerate gains and return on investment (ROI) from custom business solutions.

NISHAN exercises MS Technologies and Open Source technology with a sizable team of dedicated resources to create generic RADD environment.

Advantages of custom solutions:

  • Flexibility and effectiveness of automation solutions will help you meet your organization needs
  • Cost saving - you don't have to hire a staff or specialists;
  • You don’t have to waste your time on analyzing, studying the functionality and search for the right solution. We will develop the best solution for you and give our pieces of advice.
  • No manual, routine operations that may result in losing your time, low quality of services and duplication of data entry.