NISHAN’s QMS (Quality Management System) embodies the overall mission, organization structure, process and procedures to be followed for software development, maintenance, conversion, package implementation, and support functions.
The QMS cover various recurring activities such as:
Project Planning and Tracking
Change Management
Software Configuration Management
Reviews and Inspections
Every project has certain members who are responsible for the Internal QA of the project. They are responsible for ensuring that the project members follow the processes, procedures, standards and guidelines rigorously.
Team Structure
The following is the team structure normally adhered to at NISHAN:
Project Manager/Project Leader
Technical Leader
Module Leader
Team Member
The Project Manager/Project Leader (PM/PL) would be ultimately responsible for the success of the project. The PM/PL would be involved in Client Liaison and be responsible for attaching the various resources to the project. The Technical Leader would be the technical spearhead who would be responsible for providing timely technical solutions to the project. A complex and large project may have many technical leaders. A large project is normally broken down into smaller modules with each module being handled by a Module Leader. The Module Leader would be in charge of a set of team members in the project.
Responsibilities of Quality Executive
Quality executive has the following common objectives and responsibilities:-