Our Partners and Alliances

Find innovative ways to reach new customers, boost efficiency and drive profitable growth. Our small business software can help you manage every aspect of your company – from sales and customer relationships to financial management and operations. Designed with flexibility in mind and available on-premise or on-demand, SAP Business One provides the small business software you need to get up and running quickly and add functionality as you grow. With our small business software, you can:
Ideal Analytics is hosted on a public cloud, and you can subscribe to different SaaS Packages available depending on your requirement, then upload your data into the cloud and start analyzing. Before paying for any subscription, there is a provision for free trial which you might choose to explore the product before investing in it. You don’t have to think about hardware, software upgrades will be installed automatically and there is a 24×7 support service available to answer all your queries.
Actuate founded and co-leads the Eclipse BIRT open source project. BIRT is the premier development environment for presenting compelling data visualizations to users and an integral part of Actuate products. Actuate offers BIRT products ranging from the ActuateOne® product suite built on BIRT, the BIRT Performance Scorecard application that embeds BIRT, to the Xenos Enterprise Server that transforms legacy documents and data that can be fed into BIRT and other channels. Actuate products maximize end user productivity and help organizations to drive revenue through higher customer satisfaction and improved operational performance.
"BizBoon" is focused on connecting businesses and delivering services that will position their members as strategic players in the international market place. They provide a platform for our members to:
     i. Source out experts that they can establish strategic partnerships
     ii. In conjunction with our Indian business partners, we provide the following customized services :
         o Business Setup
         o Legal Counsel
         o Financial Management
         o Human Resources
         o IT Infrastructure
     iii. BizBoon provides cloud space to manage business documents
The BizBoon-Nishan duo stands a eye-catching opportunity to transform business line operations into analytics and their footprints would be special benefits to extend the analytics arena for the product "ideal-analytics".
National Telephone Services Co LLC. is one of the largest , diversified and most experienced private enterprise in the field of Communications in the Sultanate of Oman. The Company’s core competencies include turnkey telecommunication projects, networking solutions, software solutions, fire alarm & security systems & distribution of telecom products and services.
NTS has played a crucial role in building the telecom network of the country as a major infrastructure & solution provider for telecom operators. NTS also provides products & turnkey solutions to the private & public sector enterprises. Over the past three decades NTS has established an enviable reputation for quality, service as well as cost-effective & timely project delivery capabilities.
NTS and Ideal Analytics partnership comes at an important juncture where both the companies are looking to enhance outreach in Middle East markets. Our partnership advance inclusive and sustainable Business development and business value.
Ideal Analytics and NTS is committed to spawn a big network of partners, resellers and clients. www.nts.com.om